In January 2008, BFA established theCALL2XXX, which is an internationally organized movement of weekly corporate FASTING and PRAYER for the sex-for-sale industry, slavery abolition and the organizations reaching, rescuing & restoring the victims.  Mobilizing via the Internet, it’s a call to Christians to unite in intercession weekly on Fridays 8-9am EST.   In order to assist individuals in what to pray, BFA also established the Slavery Abolition Prayer Guide.

TheCALL2XXX also involves the organization of 24/7 prayer coverage of selected Porn Conventions.
With a divinely inspired geographical plan and strategy that unites the body of Christ and pushes back the spirits of darkness across our nation, God revealed to Julie that there were specific cities which are gateways across our country for which BFA was to organize 24/7 PRAYER for the porn industry, those affected by it and its ministries.  

TheCALL2XXX involves not only believers united in spirit around the world, but also meeting physically in specific cities for a corporate gathering the night before a porn expo opens.   Recognized as DIVERSE Gatherings of Praise, Worship and Prayer, theCALL2XXX opens the doors to unity, harmony and oneness within the Church.  Regionally, nationally and globally organized prayer goes into the heavenlies during targeted porn expos in these cities and regions. 
To schedule, please fill out the following APPEARANCE REQUEST FORM.   

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